Displaying Dinnerware Without A China Cabinet

In Ask Karl by DV Design Center

Rachel, from Palm Beach Gardens asks:

I have my grandmother’s dinnerware collection which is a beautiful pattern and I would love to display them, but don’t like the idea of a china cabinet.

A friend suggested smashing up the dinnerware and covering an old table or something in a mosaic. I would love any ideas you might have for us Karl!

Thank you!

Oh Rachel, before you go smashing up your grandmothers China – I do have another idea. You said it’ a beautiful pattern, so instead of putting it on your table, put it on the walls! Decorating with plates is a hot trend in home Decor right now. I have attached some photos so you can get some ideas or stop into our shop at DejaVu Design & Consign in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. I would love to work with you!

Thanks for asking Rachel!